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  • Belton Special - Vintage Paint 400ml

    Belton Special - Vintage Paint 400ml
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      Waterbased special paint for the elegant and trendy vintage shabby-chic look. Ideal for cupboards, chairs and chests of drawers made of wood and metal. Apply belton vintage paint. When dry, sand down (recommended P180) to achieve the required vintage look. We recommend sealing with belton clearcoat. Suitable for indoor, partially outdoor use. A great trendy look, straight from the can.


      Note! Highly filled quality product. Shake can vigorously, continue for 2 minutes after hearing the mixing ball rattle.



      The right spray paint whatever the task

      Spray painting is often the better, if not the best method for for achieving special painting effects. Spray paint cans are an economical and promising option especially when repairing paintwork on objects or upgrading the functional or aesthetic properties of day-to-day objects. For this reason, belton special has a broad range of products for various applications and effects, that can be used to revamp surfaces and objects. belton Special allows you to live out your creative ideas in your home and garden or in decorative projects. belton special reflects our many years of experience in spray paint technologies in combination with our passion for innovation.

      belton special allows you to:

      • Upgrade day-to-day objects
      • Revamp “old treasures”
      • Realise creative decorative ideas
      • Enjoy infinite application diversity
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